About us

The Glass Zoo site was created as a branch of the Russian Crafts which was found in 1996. The site russian-crafts.com sells a large variety of products made by Russian crafters and glass figurines as well. Because of large demand and wide assortment of glass figurines it was decided to start selling glass figurines from separate web site as it should make selecting and shopping more comfortable and easier.

The Glass Zoo locates in St.Petersburg, Russia and is owned by Mikhail Terletski.

All goods are sent to customers directly from Russia. Although it takes longer to deliver goods to other countries but it provides prompt and immediate shipping of authentic Russian crafts items and reasonable prices.

The main task of this the Glass Zoo and its site is to help people who collect glass figurines, who need original hand created individually made high quality gifts.

Our contacts are as following:



Mail address

Russia, 198330
St .Petersburg, P.O. Box 182
Terletsky Mikhail

You can contact us using the Contact Us form or directly by e-mail.