Collectible Glass Animal Figurines

The glass figurines which we are proud to display here is a unique collection of glass animals, birds, reptiles and other creatures. These handmade glass figures are created by skillful and talented Russian artisans from art glass studios in Saint-Petersburg. Here you can find glass animals of three sizes - large, medium and small blown figurines.

What for are these beautiful handcrafted pieces? Mainly people need them for their art glass collections - they have got at the right place.Some people which collect specific figurines made of different materials  can buy our art glass animals and these figurines will be real godsends. We are gathering at out Glass Zoo site wide selection of the most attractive glass miniatures.

We have to inform you that all our blown glass figurines are sent directly from Russia so we we have low competitive prices and you do not have to overpay for may middlemen. Buying these glass figures you support talented Russian applied art artists and in the same time you acquire real pieces of art.